All Eyes And Gums - GALLERY 24/7 EXTRAVAGANZA!!!(Well, 15/2)

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All Eyes And Gums - GALLERY 24/7 EXTRAVAGANZA!!!(Well, 15/2)

Post by lucky » Thu Jan 10, 2008 2:36 am

The Forest (ir)regular Open Mike Night has splurged itself into The Gallery. We have a stage! We have tables and chairs! We have candles on the tables!

Emeree Mayhem, Piotr Wyszomirski and I have managed to TRANSFORM The Gallery into a really special space. It's comfy, intimate, there are eyes and mouths, moutheyes and a hairy eyemouth.

There is a stage, and it is yours to do whatever you like. Dance, sing, tell jokes (like I will!), do something different, do a cool cover BUT NAE WANKY ONES, tell a story, anything.

On Friday we will make BIG EVENING of it. All day, I hope, but realistically from about 7. Come and do stuff, anything you want.

I love Open Mike Nights. They provide an opportunity for people to make that split second decision to do something. Anyone can do anything. You can crash and burn or drive and jump the mataphorical 64 double decker buses in your metaphorical poetic vespa. Yeah! Either way, you try. If it's not sucessful, at least it's character building.


Come, be it do it love it.


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