5th March, 2006

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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5th March, 2006

Post by Nevadanteater » Tue Mar 07, 2006 12:00 pm

minutes: 5/3/06

present: Robin, Gareth, Danny, Mat, Bloo, Duncan, Neil, Alice

apologies: Magda, Ryan, Mat (for the bad grammar/punctuation)

missing: everyone else

1. stealing
2. chris palmer
3. money
4. car
5. kitchen manager
6. building day
7. TK
8. volunteer party
9. info share
10. charity
11. ppl update

1. stealing – blue: there is loads of stealing going on. middle class folks have started in on the place. money has been nicked from the till when tim was on – whole day’s takings. what can we do?? be vigilant. make more signs. tell volunteers. stick money in kitchen safe when it is any more than a hundred quid. plain clothes police? ask timmo!

action: anyone in the office who is bored, make signs.
KMs, put money in the kitchen safe throughout the day, tell volunteers to be vigilant.

2. chris palmer – tshirts. wants cash money from forest. exact numbers or details are known/available. monetary situation is up in the air because of rent/vat etc, wait til the end of the month to decide.

action: wait wait wait

3. money situation – we’re allright. vat = bastard, rent + vat = big bastard. moneybags says ‘don’t worry’ but keep it tight.

action: no big purchases, no big anything for a while. keep it simple stupid.

4. car has been freecycled by robin. picked up by car mechanic who teaches auto repair in fife. happy ending.

action: breath a sigh of relief. wtg robin.

5. kitchen manager. keep an eye out. tim is leaving in may (we think), mat is gone. blue and danny might pick it up.

action: keep an eye out for potentials. students will be able to cover during the summer it seems...

6. building day was good, no one did anything. good job everyone. however, we did so much last time, we didn’t have anything this time. upcoming projects: steps painted.

action: make a list of shit that needs fixing.

7. art gallery – shit getting dragged in there. not cleaned up. artist = angry. alice and jo getting extra work. what to do? ideas?

action: clean up if you see shit in there.

8. volley party – concept = good. palmer hijacked concept. party ruined? committee split on this one, some say, 'party made better,' others say, 'party made worse,' most say, 'party had a theme that should have been stuck with.'

action: ??? don't let people hijack events ???

9. info sharing – mat thinks each meeting committee members should do a quick what’s up with them and forest. this way everyone can know what's up with everyone. this isn't designed to be a pissing contest or anything, but so everyone can be updated with the goings on.

action: do it each week. support eachother.

10. charity – are we a charity? ellie – where are you? what is up with this? whether we are or not doesn't matter without an actual charity number.

action: Duncan will go for it.

11. ppl = need a decision. what do we do? gareth: we have the cash. a majority of people think we should pay them for the past year and continue with the non-copywrited stuff. it is one less thing to worry about. word.

action: neil or dan, get the invoice with the eventual plan to pay them retroactively and continue with the non-copyrighted music.

lesson of the meeting:
the forest is bigger than any one person.
apart from the treasurer – he is some sort of robot.
God is great.
Grass is gentler.