Red Like Our Room Used To Feel - New Release & Free Download

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Red Like Our Room Used To Feel - New Release & Free Download

Post by Gaz » Wed Mar 24, 2010 4:34 pm

Forest Records is pleased to announce a new album release from Forest Records Collective artists Ryan Van Winkle & Ragland.
Red Like Our Room Used To Feel Cover.jpg
“Red Like Our Room Used To Feel” is many things. It is an intimate poetry performance from Ryan Van Winkle. It is an audial experience featuring new ambient noises from Ragland that will crawl up inside you. It is joy, memory and loss condensed into one musical soundscape. So, come, lay down, have a cup of tea, enjoy a snifter of port, close your eyes and be where you want to be…"


TO LISTEN TO TRACKS - and find out more... ... d-to-feel/
or more here on Ryan's site... ... d-to-feel/

TO BUY THE CD - to hold and caress...

copies also available in the Forest Shop

or also on sale tonight at the Golden Hour or on the upcoming tour

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