VANDALISM in the gallery...

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VANDALISM in the gallery...

Post by mirja » Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:33 pm

Ok, its a really fine line between 'joke' and 'vandalism' sometimes... As I spent 8 sweaty hours yesterday hanging the current EAF show ( to be opened today) only to find it all elaborately mangled this morning, i can't right now see the joke. Anybody saw or knows this jokster, please let him/her know that they are welcomed to spend another 8 hours with me rehanging the show. And that this show, like most of the stuff other people spent a long time making, and that does not specifically say so, is NOT 'interactive.'

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Re: VANDALISM in the gallery...

Post by cornelia » Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:01 pm

hey this guy gary has a few photos of the vandalism if that would help
he sent me a email to the info mail


No idea who I'm talking to here so I'll keep this brief. Could you ask the woman who was installing the new exhibition on Saturday night to drop me an email? Believe she's called Meria, but that's my spelling since it's not a name I'm familiar with. If you've found the right person she'll certainly know who I am.

Came past again this afternoon, and saw what had happened to the installation. Will do my best to help with photos asap. In the meantime, though I've got no idea whether they'll use it or not, I've sent a couple of images to The Scotsman since I know their arts correspondent (and bumped into him just outside Forest as I was on my way home, funnily enough).

his mail is: Removed, as this is a public forum, have messaged it to you, mirja.

good luck catching them!
tack och hej leverpastej

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