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Post by chris » Mon Dec 04, 2006 2:20 pm

here is a thought on the programming:

this is essentially an idea that jo, alice and myself have been exploring as a way of running the gallery spaces. you may not think it appropriate, but in someways i think it could be quite exciting for the film group.

essetially the idea is to have the group give autonomy to individual OR small groups OR themselves! but only for a period of time. by doing this you allow an indivual or small group to explore their own vision without letting it be compromised.

this could be done by having mini-seasons which are up for grabs.

one cool thing about it is that this doesnt have to happen all the time. the group could decide 'ok the next 6 weeks will be a themed programme' and people within the group or outside or whatever, may come forward with their suggested theme and programme. ideas people might suggest could be:

films to do with water, war, documentars about space, films by renoir..etc...

the group picks the programme they like the best, and help that person fulfill their programme.

the point is it can prevent the annoying thing happening of trying to reach compromise on the film programme. and it allows greater exposure to interesting films, which the working group may not be aware of. but it also retains a certain amount of control because the wg selects the programme that is the best.

the analogy for this idea is this:

ten people are trying to paint a room, they cant decide on the colour scheme, but cos they are all equal they all want input. in the end they all compromise and no-one is happy. This often happens unless everyone in the group shares the vision (this is a rare thing).

but if everyone who has a vision for the room explains their idea. then the group can pick the idea they like best (recognising, that there will always be some people who dont like the chosen idea, but ideas are best un-compromised), and that persons vision is adopted.
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Post by Magda » Tue Dec 05, 2006 11:41 am


I think this is a very good idea. We should wait, though, until the film night is running smoothly and we have a fairly large audience.

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