Building meeting minutes 10 October 2013

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Building meeting minutes 10 October 2013

Post by katymac » Thu Oct 10, 2013 8:21 pm

Plans for new kitchen...

Design now
Build over next 2 months in FC+
Close for 1 day install over Christmas

AP all building team to do a draft design - ideas for next building building meeting 24 October.

Water boiler for kitchen...
It's here.
AP Emma is going to ask Gandalf to install plumbing, Katy will get mark electrician to quote for electrics install/sign off.

Building warrant...
Follow ups sitting on Katy's guilty conscience and to-do list. Cameron, new building pal, is going to help.

Basement work...
Stevie's bottom-lining the developments. Katy and Stevie need to meet Liam architect.

Noise Impact Assessment...
We need to do the actions from the report - really need someone taking this on as a project. Could be a really satisfying and fairly self-contained piece of work - go on go on go on.

Next meeting: Thursday 24 October 6.30 at the cafe. All welcome. Come. X

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