Committee Meeting - Sunday 18th September 2005

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Committee Meeting - Sunday 18th September 2005

Post by Gaz » Tue Sep 20, 2005 9:49 pm

Many minutes of moot meeting, on the Sunday.

Present: Chisum, Jane, Nick, Ryan, Georgina, Mikey, Ras, Mat, Yasmin,
Daniel, Magdelena. Maybe more.


1. New people
2. Copier
3. Grant applications
4. Welsh festival
5. Drill hall
6. Schoolgirls
7. Total Kunst
8. Building, again. Future, again.
9. KM meeting
10. Darkroom
11. Indymedia
12. Money


1. Chisum will do promotion. He says he will get lots of people in. The details, however, remain a closely guarded secret known only to Chisum and a girl with no tongue.

Daniel will do front of house. He will keep the many people Chisum brought in in the café.

Yasmin will do the library. She is interested in persuasive techniques.

We still need a vol. rep. And someone to do the shop

Magda wants a new position, forest arts, to organise the café space vis a vis art. She will talk to Miroslav about this.

2. It works. THEY are also getting us the blue thing that stops the thing from jamming. The code for the forest copier is ****. Do not give it out. Please use this to stop fools from duplicating their idiocy.

3. Application from some people wanting money to start a t-shirt business. The Big Hand (a band) want to buy a van.
A considered no, to both.

4. We are going to Wales the 30th of September. For a festival. Mat wants £500 for it, 200 for a van for four days, plus petrol, plus supplies. We will be the sole caterers for it. We should offer it up to volunteers.
“It’s a bit shady on one hand”, said Mat.

5. This Saturday. We’re going to cater the Out of the Blue thing again. Creative people bring some stuff to sell, please.

6. They have been hassling our customers. And Ryan. He called the school. Who would not do anything. But told us to call the cops. So next time, call the cops. Who will bust their (lack of cl)ass.

7. There was a meeting at which K + M were totally given the thumbs up. Mat will also talk to them about setting up some kind of sign with contact details for them.

8. Nick Flavin has refused our offer for the building. We will re-negotiate.

9. There will be one. When Tim gets back. Any one who works in the kitchen is welcome to come and contribute.

10. Comin’ ON! Don’t smell of shit! Up and COMIN’ in 2 weeks, ish. Spread the word! Write concise emails! There will be workshops! Photo classes! The room will be available for 4 hours a time. It should pay for itself. We will supply chemicals. Not paper. We are cheaper than Stills and the photo society. But maybe not better (sorry, Palmer).

11. They are having a meeting on Thursday. They want to talk to us about our ideas for the space. It would be good to go, we thinks.

12. Money for board games? Sure. But we should have approved budgets for each sub-committee. And talk about this more.

Other Business?

Freecycle Edinburgh has lots of free stuff on it. Check it out.
Have a how to use a shisha kebab workshop.
Coffee machine.

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Post by Chisholm » Thu Sep 22, 2005 10:57 am

Its CHISHOLM by the way, Holdcock.

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Post by Duncan » Fri Sep 23, 2005 2:45 pm

John Wayne references aside...

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Committee meeting minutes are not open to discussion, dammit. :x